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KONNI is a remote entry tool that safety researchers assess has been utilized by North Korean cyber actors since at least 2014. KONNI has vital code overlap with the NOKKI malware household, and has been linked to several suspected North Korean campaigns targeting dark web forum political organizations in Russia, East Asia, Europe and the Middle East; there is a few evidence probably linking KONNI to APT37. The earliest noticed attack using NOKKI was in January 2018. NOKKI has important code overlap with the KONNI malware household. NotCompatible is an Android malware family that was used between at the very least 2014 and 2016. It has access dark web on iphone a number of variants which have turn out to be extra sophisticated over time. It generates a one liner for executing either from a file of from the net. Example of usage is embedding the PowerShell code from the Invoke-Mimikatz module and embed it into a picture file. Invoke-PSImage takes a PowerShell script and embeds the bytes of the script into the pixels of a PNG image. By calling the picture file from a macro for dark web forum instance, the macro will obtain the picture and execute the PowerShell code, which on this case will dump the passwords. GuLoader is a file downloader that has been used since a minimum of December 2019 to distribute a wide range of distant administration instrument (RAT) malware, including NETWIRE, Agent Tesla, NanoCore, FormBook, and Parallax RAT.

Kerrdown is a custom downloader that has been utilized by APT32 since no less than 2018 to install spyware from a server on the sufferer's community. OSInfo is a custom software used by APT3 to do inside discovery on a sufferer's computer and community. INCONTROLLER is customized malware that includes a number of modules tailored in direction of ICS gadgets and applied sciences, together with Schneider Electric and Omron PLCs as well as OPC UA, Modbus, and CODESYS protocols. NDiskMonitor is a customized backdoor written in .Net that appears to site du darknet be unique to Patchwork. Komplex is a backdoor that has been used by APT28 on OS X and appears to be developed in the same manner to XAgentOSX . RAT is a cross-platform, Java-primarily based backdoor initially out there for purchase in 2012. Variants of jRAT have been distributed by way of a software-as-a-service platform, much like an online subscription model. The miner has been bundled with pirated copies of Virtual Studio Technology (VST) for Windows and macOS. Koadic is a Home windows publish-exploitation framework and penetration testing device that's publicly out there how to go to dark web on GitHub. InvisiMole dark web social security number is a modular spyware program that has been utilized by the InvisiMole Group since at least 2013. InvisiMole has two backdoor modules called RC2FM and RC2CL which are used to carry out put up-exploitation actions. Impacket is an open supply collection of modules written in Python for programmatically constructing and manipulating network protocols. It is based on Carberp source code and serves as reconnaissance malware.

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