Reliable Enterprises
5630 S. Wayside Dr.
Houston, TX 77087
Phone: (713) 640-1969
Fax:     (713) 640-1253


  • 1. Who is Reliable Enterprises?

    Reliable Enterprises is a premier Shipping Company covering destinations all over the world in Africa, Middle East, Europe and other major ports.

  • 2. What does Reliable Enterprises do?

    Reliable Enterprises specializes in shipping containers, vehicles, RoRo and other break bulk cargo.

  • 3. What services does Reliable Enterprises offer?

    Reliable Enterprises offer services such as Ro/Ro Shipping, Air Freight and Sea Freight.

  • 4. Where is your headquarters based?

    Headquarters for Reliable Enterprises is in Houston, Texas.

  • 5. Do you have an office in Ghana?

    Yes. Our Ghana office caters to International Freight Forwarding & Management, Engineering management, Rental services, Supply and Manpower among others.

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